maanantai 11. marraskuuta 2013

Matteo's Introduction

Hi everyone! My name is Matteo, I am 19 years old and I come from Vicenza, a very beautiful reinassance city in northern Italy, hometown of the revolutionary architect Andrea Palladio and considered a World Heritage city by the UNESCO. Vicenza is also a heavily industrialized city, which exports abroad a variety of products that ranges from mechanics, fashion, design and precious metals. In fact it is also known as “the city of gold”.

As you probably already know, I am the “European Volunteer” working in Kaakkuri youthouse. I decided to join the EVS programme because I wasn't attracted at all by Italian universities and, on the other hand, I’m conscious I have the whole rest of my life to work; so I decided to do something different. The EVS, to me, was simply a perfect opportunity because it allows me to spend several months abroad and to live new and otherwise-impossible experiences.

Talking about Finland, I like the way everything is organised how well the State works. Maybe Finns don't pay much attention to this, but I was stunned to see that you can go wherever you want with your bike without being forced to use usual roads with the risk of being mashed by cars or trucks (as in Italy). Or even the fact that the whole Finnish educational system, from elementary school to university, is free of charge. And beware, it's not a matter of taxes, because in Italy we have to pay a lot of taxes too, but parents still have to give their sons toilet paper, because the schools don't have money to buy it.

I am sure I will acquire a lot of good memories from this experience, of course I am aware that there will be some difficult or bad moments but overall it is definetly going to be a great time.

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