keskiviikko 16. huhtikuuta 2014

Hei everyone, it has been a while I have not been writing here...that's in part because I am lazy, and in part because a couple of weeks ago I was on a roadtrip through Lapland and Norway.

We started from Rovaniemi, making the obvious stop to Santa Village and arctic circle

and where I saw this interesting sculpture made out of net on the river's shore
funny thing: when you touch this it starts jiggling and wobbling

 Then we drived to Muonio, making some stops in Kittila, to see this old church

and a stop in a snow village which, I have to say, I have no idea of where it is

Then, the day after we drove to Norway, where we passed through a reindeer farm

it's interestingto notice how the landscape change from Finland

to Norway

We made a quick stop in Alta

before moving on to Honningsvåg, where we slept

The day after we have been to Cape North

And on the same day we drove to Inari, where we slept two nights, and did funny stuff like playing in the snow, going down a slope with sledges, having sauna, barbecue, playing pool and ping pong, and cross country skiing

 And we've also been to the Saami museum

That's all folks!!


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